Diving in Happiness: 5 Reasons To Rise And Shine in Male

If you stop a stranger on the street and ask what is his or her dream holidays’ destinations, I bet you, the most likely answer will be – ‘the Maldives’. At least, in cold, snowy Russia. Everybody wants to escape the gray daily routine, and Maldives seem to satisfy every taste being a hot spot for honeymoons seeking for romantics, sportsmen fond of diving and surfing, and buddies simply wanting to relax lazy days on the beach. Although it is often the case that popular tourists places appear to be quite ordinary from the locals’ point of view, Male, the heart of Maldives, breaks this rule. Why are the people here so happy? Here there are some of my assumptions.

Once globalization has accelerated the pace of international integration blurring the borders and shifting the national identities, many conservatives started to feel increasingly concerned fearing cultural homogenization. muliaage_presidential_residence_of_maldives1https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c7/Muliaage_presidential_residence_of_maldives.jpg

However, Maldivians got the formula right having reckoned that more diversification will only enrich their already unique multi-faceted traditions. Inhabited mainly by Sunni Muslims, the local culture is in the eclectic mix of Sinhalese, Arab and South Indian influences. The capital city of Male’ is home to most of the nation’s cultural attractions: The National Museum, Presidential palace, Sultan Park, Male’ Fish Market and the Grand Friday mosque are all within city limits. img_20160308_2105401https://thesilentnomad.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/img_20160308_210540.jpg

While not as glamorous as the sparkling resort properties, this city is a hub of activity having its residents deftly combining modern business practices with indigenous nature-friendly lifestyles. Maldivians have mastered the art of keeping their culture both resilient to alien domination while ready to evolve incorporating new positive elements. Happiness!

You will never be mistaken to say that people are happy when you see them singing and dancing – at least, this is the case for Male. The Maldives boasts of a rich culture of music and dance. lists-celebrate-ati-atihan-or-other-festivals-around-the-world-teddy-casino1


Some of the cultural music and dances can trace their roots to distant continents. One of the most famous Maldivian cultural displays which involve singing and dancing is called the “Bodu Beru”. The Bodu Beru performers, numbering around 20 will be wearing traditional garb of sarongs and white sleeved shirts. Other traditional music and dance items include; Dhanda Jehun, Langiri, Thaara and Gaa Odi Lava. Most of these items involve rhythmic music and dances using various cultural props. post_c8y1gawyqscxjkps8chl1vgkniwe0lmdxbbckpiv1http://www.maldivesisles.com/uploads/post_C8Y1GAWyQscxjkpS8cHl1vGkNiWE0lMDXbbCkpiV.jpg

There are some cultural routines exclusively performed by Maldivian women such as Bandiyaa jehun, Maafathi Neshun and Bolimalaafath Neshun. Traditional performances are frequent and beloved serving as a powerful link between the generations, nurturing social cohesion and, thereby, making the locals happier.

Food, food, food! As Russians say, “Appetite comes during the meal”. So, we all need some goodies to compensate the rat race of this crazy world. tropical_drinks_sea_beach_coconut_fresh_hd-wallpaper-17396491http://alexandertour.bg/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/tropical_drinks_sea_beach_coconut_fresh_hd-wallpaper-1739649.jpg

Well, Male scores high on this criteria. From casual dining to exclusive gourmet meals, it offers a tempting variety of international cuisines. While some restaurants embrace global fare ranging from the masterpieces of Italian food to gourmet preparations of exceptionally fresh seafood, local venues tend to offer the more authentic Maldivian experience.  local-food-4-1200-6901http://ca639cd97a7ec12a4982-1e111de6e5b2fec04a94fde7b2b8da9a.r54.cf1.rackcdn.com/lps/assets/u/Local-Food-4—1200-690.jpg

Traditional dishes are largely based around fish that are usually spicy and often featuring coconut. Sampling the spicy flavors of the Maldives is an essential part of the vibrant and unique island experience. And it does taste awesome! Thus, Maldivians clearly show that sometimes the ability to roll your eyes moaning “god-damn-tasty” is enough to feel happy.

Living by the ocean is a blessing which belongs to the locals as a birthright. The fact that not all of the wonders of the Maldives can be seen at first glance, is amazing. 1452471083_8731_kelia_010-1http://content.quiksilver.com/www/2014.roxy.com/html/upload/roxy_surf/riders/_1452471083_8731_Kelia_010.jpg

Those captivating blue waters are home to some of the most vibrant sea life in the world. Anyone can snorkel! It is easy, it is fun, and the close proximity with the ocean friends is a breathtaking experience which Maldivians enjoy on a regular basis. snorkeling-in-the-clear-waters-of-the-maldives1http://www.indian-ocean.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Snorkeling-in-the-clear-waters-of-the-Maldives.jpg

Sites like Fish Head and Banana Reef and numerous world-class diving destinations allow the locals to enjoy stunning reef tours any time they have a want to. Being able to see over 1000 varieties of marine life round-the-clock is a perfect ingredient for happiness, isn’t it?

Of course, it is my generation’s bias, but I need to add this to the list -living in Male grants you the locals such a great preponderance over the rest of the world. They can be the envy of all their followers with no particular efforts. flqnka9hllxrveokoy1wlvja3doodvaw1http://dy1jbt2xyqx2q.cloudfront.net/uploads/2016-01/flqnka9hllxrveokoy1wlvja3doodvaw.jpg

While we, Europeans, have to think of impressive poses and fancy clothes, happy Maldivians may simply capture any moment of their life, and this would beautify the timeline, taking down rivals in one blow. Maldives is indeed a live postcard: who can be unhappy residing in a paradise?

In conclusion, Male’s happiness is made of so many positive factors that it’s pretty hard to determine its origin reducing the cause to few particular variables. What can be highlighted though is the unique tranquility of this place?

cf8beaab74231d9f4eed0706b99df1801Being able to sip fruity cocktails on the beach watching the gorgeous sunset, spend a weekend looking for water in the crystal clear water or join your peers when conducting traditional beloved performances is priceless. Maldives feel safe and hospitable. In our world full of dangers and disturbances it reads as happy. Very very happy.

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